Guardia – Extra Security

Guardia - Smart Security

Source code of this application is not available yet, check back later!

What’s new in version ( ?

  • Lock / Unlock your pc online using Guardia website or Guardia mobile app ( Requires creating an account )
  • Customize application lock screen background & timers
  • Ability to turn off machines screen on locking

How it works?


Application Name

  • Guardia




  • Smart security app for Windows OS
  • Tested on Windows 8/10


  • Lock & unlock your computer using a special USB drive of your choice
  • By creating an account on Guardia website you can lock / unlock your computer online in case you lost your USB drive that can open your pc

Have a problem?


  • This program requires an active internet connection if you want to use cloud security method
  • The application edits registry files inside the system and totally safe
  • If you have a problem installing it, try to remove the old version, then re-install the application again
  • For other issues, please contact us using the contact form

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